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Award-Winning Writer,
Publisher & Editor at Tales Beyond

Kris Burgos
Comic Books


Conjuring Tales

Kris has been telling stories ever since he started hearing them; everything from explaining to the teacher how the dog ate his homework, to scaring the daylights out of children with wicked tales of monsters in the woods. Raised on comics (X-Men and Spider-Man) as well as prose fiction (Lord of the Rings and Dune) Kris has taken years of reading and studying stories and mixed it with memories of love and fear, and now walks the path set out by the greats before him to stimulate the world with his own storytelling.

On top of creating his own IPs, Kris is a freelance writer & editor and is currently eager for any

opportunity to broaden his expertise into working in video games as a narrative designer. 

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GTP page.tiff


When the elderly mentor of a bunch of misfits working in a casket factory passes away, the biggest degenerate in the group decides to confront death on his own terms... to bring the old man back.

This title is being released Winter 2023-24.

Grand Theft Purgatory
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Wardens of the Veil page.tiff
Wardens of the Veil


When the barrier between life and the afterlife thins, ghosts and demons begin inhabiting our reality. Vigilante ghost hunters are the last line of defense when the governments of the world prove helpless to defend the people.

In this premiere issue, members of the Wardens square off against the spirit of a dead babysitter.

This title is being released August 2023.

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One Human page.tiff


These are short stories about an unidentified artificial intelligence waging war on humanity and exterminating them one at a time.

"ATM Glitch": A man is tormented when approaching a bank automated teller. 


This story is an illustrated short fiction and can be found in Tales Beyond #1.

One Human at a Time
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CF-1 page.tiff


Frozen Carnage: A SWAT team member watches in horror as his entire team is decimated by an unknown force. 


This story is an illustrated short fiction and can be found in Tales Beyond #1.

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Vizards page.tiff


Two secret organizations scour the globe in search of mystical masks. One group seeks to lock the masks away for the safety of humanity, while the other has more nefarious motivations.


In the first supersized issue, readers are introduced to the Knight, the Spirit, the Flame, the Copycat & the Nightmare.

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Teddies page.tiff


Award-winning* story about a boy and his stuffed bear traveling into the Nightmare world under the bed in order to rescue a fellow teddy.

*Chapter 2 initially published in black & white within Comic Book School's Award-Winning anthology: Creator Connections, Panel One.​

*Best Indie Comix of the Year 2021

- Independent Comix Creator Awards (ICCA) Fandom Bubble Award

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Corrupted page.tiff


Award-Winning** short story: A secret was hidden in the desert a thousand years ago.

When an archaeologist comes close to uncovering the dark truth, an ancient order plans to stop him through any means necessary. 


This story was initially published in Comic Book School's second anthology Creator Connections: Panel Two and can now be found in Tales Beyond #1.

​**Best Short Story in an Anthology 2021

- ICCA Fandom Bubble Award

The Corrupted
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Ragnarok page.tiff
Ragnarok Come


Award-Winning*** short tale about a Viking scout as he tries to escape a village overrun by monsters. Unarmed and alone, he must get out of town before the sun sets when he stumbles upon a sole child.

Published originally in Comic Book School's Creator Connections: Panel One anthology and can now be found in Tales Beyond #1.


***Best Short Story in an Anthology 2020

- Independent Creator Awards

***Best Anthology 2020
- Independent Creator Awards

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Runt page.tif


At birth, Orcs are born without names and all are called runts. A name must be earned when a runt is old enough to fight in battle. One runt has become an outcast from his family and community as he searches the land for an Evil Wizard who cursed him. ​​​

His curse... to never age beyond puberty. 

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